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QR Codes in Hospitality and Tourism

QR Codes in Hospitality and Tourism

There is a saying in hospitality industry which goes like, “Hospitality is an industry where we serve the people by the involvement of other people’’ and that was something this industry was very proud of. 

The human element: people serving other people, not like slave labors but as workers. You park your car outside a big hotel; a valet will open your car doors for you. He will park your car as well. As you enter the premises, there’s someone at the entry holding the door, there is someone at the reception to handle your bookings and he/she will arrange for your luggage to be sent to your rooms.

You can order room service, and enjoy all kinds of facilities the hotel provides. Massages, spas, gym, open-bar; anything you need. All serving; trying to make your stay as eventful, and hassle free as possible.

But all of this changed. The two-three year long covid19 pandemic brought hospitality and tourism sector to a standstill, forcing many such businesses in this sector, from ticket booking to transport, hotel, restaurants and bars etc. to either close down or make alternate arrangement, cut down on human element which was seen as the Midas touch in this sector.

The ‘New Normal’: Use of QR codes

Post pandemic businesses started to open up slowly as the governments across the world started to relax covid19 restrictions, but they also had to follow some post pandemic protocols.

The post pandemic protocol has put in place some practices that were used during pandemic to avoid getting infected. Hotels and restaurants started switching to technology to serve its customers, make their stay comfortable and delightful.

QR Codes At Reception: 

QR code based kiosk has come up now at the reception that allows customers to self check-in and self check-out, without having to stand near a receptionist. You remember the 6 feet social distancing rule, right? Well, it is way better.

Some people feel hesitant to talk to others, this self check in makes sure you don’t have to.

Tourists can also check in themselves. The system can be even customized into many languages offering a great degree of personalization for varied tourists.

QR Code Based Access Control

Even though RFID smartcards are very popular these days, QR code based entry cards can also be created where you scan the QR code that is specialized to you as a customer and you enter an OTP that you receive on your mobile to access your room. The password can even be personalized and sent on your mobile as well.

Tourism sector uses QR code based ticketing system and QR code payments as well. 

Tourists can also enter museums, concerts, sports events using QR code based access (ticket or token). 

QR Code For Broadcasting Information: QR Beacons

Tourism sector also uses QR codes for information purposes. QR codes can be found outside a historical building or a historical artifact can be tagged with a QR code which gives out information like origin, story, physical specification and significance of the artifact etc.

QR code based maps can be made available to help tourists reach at significant places and tourist attractions as well. 

In Hospitality, QR code beacons can be used as information source broadcasting information which enhances customer experience tremendously. People can just scan a QR code and don’t need a staff member to inquire. 

QR codes being Quick Responsive, customizable and capable of storing more data, have become ubiquitous in today’s world. Its applications can be seen in Retail, eateries, bars, libraries etc. on daily basis.

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  • Created on Mar 01, 2023

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