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Aluminium Metal Id Card Holder, For Office & School

Aluminium Id Card Holder, High quality aluminum metal, multi-purpose slot, compact and lightweight design, Rectangular shape

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Material: Aluminium
Shape: Rectangular
Color: Multicolor
Flexible: No
Size: 85 x 54mm
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This Aluminium Metal Id Card Holder is a great tool for keeping your identification cards safe and secure. It is made out of durable aluminium metal and features a sleek, lightweight design. The ID card holder includes a removable shoulder strap, making it convenient for hands-free carrying. It is an excellent choice for office and school applications, as it helps to provide secure storage for your identification cards.

Application: Offices, Schools & Colleges, Business Meetings, Corporate Events, Conferences, Security, and Identification

Material Aluminium
Shape Rectangular
Color Multicolor
Flexible No
Size 85 x 54mm
Country of Origin Made in India
Surface Finish Matte
Is It Waterproof Yes
Card Slot 1

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