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What is the difference between direct thermal (DT) and thermal transfer (TT)??

userSwati   calender21 Feb 2021  

Direct thermal is a printing cycle that utilizes a label coated with a heat sensitive layer and does not utilize ribbon/ink to print. A image is scorched into the paper where with thermal transfer you utilize a ribbon to print onto the label. Direct thermal will fade after some time and is anything but a decent decision for environmental with higher temperatures or exposure to sunlight. Thermal transfer print is a more permanent solution and will not fade.


What is a barcode?

userSwati   calender07 Feb 2021  

A barcodes is a image that comprises of a serial of parallel black and white bars that can be read by a barcode scanner. Barcode are applied to items to rapidly recognize them. Among their numerous utilizations, barcodes are normally utilized in retail stores as a part of the buying process, in warehouse to track and manage management and on invoices to assist with accounting. 


What is the range of RFID tags?

userSwati   calender28 Jan 2021  

The range of a tag varies based on the type and size of the tag and whether the tag is active or passive. For example, passive tags can be low frequency, high frequency or ultrahigh frequency. The types of frequency impacts a tags range, with low frequency tags having a more modest reader range then ultrahigh frequency range. Notwithstanding the determinations of the tag, the environment where the tag is utilized can extraordinarily affect a tags range. For instance, conditions that contain a great deal of metal or water frequently require the utilization of a low frequency tag, as those materials ingest and reflect radio waves affecting their capacity to send. In these cases, readers should be in a nearer closeness to the tag to get a reading. Likewise, the sort of reader utilized can account for variances in range even, when utilizing a similar type of tag. 


How is an RFID system or solution built up?

userSwati   calender20 Jan 2021  

A typically RFID system consists of three essential components:•  RFID Tags•  RFID Readers•  RFID Reader Antennas


How many tags can be printed per roll of ribbon?

userSwati   calender12 Jan 2021  

A average roll of ribbon for a industrial printer has a length of around 1400 ft (427 m) or 16,800 inches. The average RFID labels length is 1-inch yet can change anyplace from a large portion of an-inch to 6 inches or more. On the off chance that you are utilizing a roll of ribbon that is 16,800 inches and you are printing 1-inch long tags with a average break of 0.15 inches between tags, you can undoubtedly print somewhere near 14,000 tags with one move of ribbon (this number was adjusted down from 14,400 to 14,000 to represent any ribbon wasted in the rolling or re-rolling cycle).