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What frequency do RFID tags use?

userSwati   calender 22 Jan 2021

Passive RFID tag use 3 main frequencies to transmit information:

•  25 - 134 KHz, also known as Low Frequency (LF)

•  13.56 MHz, also known as High Frequency (HF) / Near-Field Communication (NFC)

•  865 - 960 MHz, also known as Ultra High Frequency (UHF)

The frequency utilized influences the tag's read range execution or how far a tags data can go on the radio wave. At the point when an passive RFID tag is scanned by a reader, the reader transmits energy to the tag which powers it enough for the chip and antenna to transfer data back to the reader. The reader then communicates this data back to a software program for interpretation. 

Active RFID technology uses one of two main frequencies to transmit information:

•  433 MHz

•  915 MHz