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What is RFID printer?

userSwati   calender 20 Jan 2021

The advances in radio frequency identification ID - or RFID - innovation have revolutionized the manner in which numerous items are made and tagged - even items as apparently commonplace as an product label.

Using particular printers, warehouses, dispatching companies, manufactures and retailers can all the more likely track their stock utilizing "smart labels." A RFID printer is quite possibly the main tools in smart labeling, and as such any company intending to deploy smart labels will require one. 

Smart Labeling

Smart labels are standard printed labels with RFID chips and antennae installed into the labels itself. This chip is encoded with data pertinent to the label or the chip's motivation, and can be read with a suitable scanner. While the chip is inserted in the label, the label itself actually can be printed with any standard picture, text or barcode and applied like any other label.

RFID Printers

A RFID printer is a printer explicitly intended to compose data to RFID chips implanted in smart labels. The printer contains a RF encoder, which communicates the information to the chip and encodes it. The printer at that point checks the information to guarantee it has encoded accurately. RFID printers additionally print the label itself, adding a barcode, graphics or some other information wanted to the label itself.


RFID printers and the smart labels they produce can be utilized in numerous fields. They can be employed in warehouses and retailers as a inventory control system, where the RFID chip can contain information regarding a discount bundle's substance or set off an alert if a shoplifter attempts to sneak it past a scanner at the exit. They can likewise be utilized for delivery, where fundamental transportation data can be printed upon the label itself and more detailed information regarding handling directions, dispatching history or other information can be put away upon the chip.


Using a RFID printer and actualizing a smart label system in your business can be a costly undertaking. Contingent upon the amount of labels you will require at some random time, you may have to buy various printers and a lot of viable readers and labels. You'll additionally have to take time from the day to prepare personnel on the most proficient method to use this new equipment and any going with accompanying software, just as how to perform essential support undertakings like topping off the labels, clearing jams and replacing ink. Before deploying an RFID smart label system, make sure that its advantages will exceed its expenses.