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QR code for document verification

userSwati   calender 02 Jan 2021

Associations issue different reports, for example, offer/arrangement letter, experience testament, and address evidence and so on These records are perused by partners including representatives and outsider associations, for example, banks/financial institutions.

There are numerous occurrences revealed of fakes where an association's letterhead and the mark picture of approved signatory are glued into archives that are not given by the organization. Such fakes incorporate manufactured experience authentications submitted to imminent managers and produced pay climb letters submitted to banks/financial organizations as a component of credit application preparing.

QR Codes can be utilized to verify Records. The QR code can be set in records for outsider clients to check the authenticity of such archives. The QR code confirms the genuineness of the archive not exclusively to untouchables yet additionally to your own association on the off chance that you wish to check the authenticity of the report at a later point as expected.