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What does an RFID tag do?

userSwati   calender 18 Dec 2020

A RFID tag is a method of moving data from a thing to a reader and afterward to an information base or some likeness thereof. 

Library books are a simple method to clarify what the RFID Tag, and by and large RFID system, do. 

Think about a Library book with a barcode on. At the point when you need to issue or restore the book you need to scan the barcode. Straightforward, yet in the event that there are a lot to do it requires some investment. Something very similar with checking the stock in a library. In the event that you're just utilizing a barcode, at that point each book needs independently checking. 

RFID tags remove a major piece of the work and time engaged with checking things. In the event that the tag just had the things barcode number in that would be sufficient to be valuable. As opposed to checking a solitary barcode at a time you can read a lot of things rapidly.