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What is RFID based Document Management System?

userSwati   calender 26 Nov 2020

Organizations are sparing time and lessening worker hours with the RFID Document and File Tracking System. Manual registration and checkout measures occupy a representative's valuable time at work. It is likewise simple to lose significant records as they are moved all through a structure. Presently, work force can rapidly find archives and screen development utilizing a mechanized RFID tracking system.

Improved Security & Auditing for Businesses 

RFID's document tracking system lessens the potential for lost or lost records because of robbery, ill-advised taking care of, or absentmindedness. It additionally permits organizations to see when and where records are removed when they are checked from the files.

RFID Document Management System Provides

•   Classification of all records by type (contract, legal document, item inventory, and so forth) 

•   Managing and controlling expulsion from specific areas and triggering off cautions of unapproved attempts. 

•   Locating singular record and report from swarmed files 

•   Monitoring record traffic and history 

•   Automated work areas for record registration and checkout 

•   Credential and access management for taking care of explicit records 

•   Flexible mix with existing system, including advanced archive management system

RFID Document Management System Applications

•   Document Tracking with RFID

•   RFID File Tracking

•   Document Management with RFID

•   File and Document Security with RFID

RFID Document Management System Benefits

•   85% decrease in record review time 

•   Automated registration and checkout activities, taking out physical work 

•   Reduction in lost or lost documents 

•   Simple reconciliation of missing things 

•   Protection of arranged records with high security