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What are the Types Of Barcodes

userArvind Katiyar   calender 10 Feb 2020 Barcode  Barcode

There are many kinds of barcodes which can be used to track products, mail, and people. Barcodes can be one dimensional or two dimensional. Nearly everybody has purchased products which have one or extra barcodes. There are often 2 different types of barcodes: 1D and 2D. The kind of barcode you want to use depends on how much data you must store inside the barcode.

The Universal Product Code – UPC is a one dimensional or linear barcode this is visible by more people than any of the other types of barcodes. UPC symbols are required inside the retail enterprise and inside the food service industry. When you buy an item in a retail store, you'll see a UPC barcode that is printed on the outside of a product, or a barcode that is revealed on a barcode label which is affix to a product. Since it was followed for international use, the UPC is also called the European Article Numbering code, or EAN. The UPC has a fixed length of twelve digits and it uses statistics only.

Code 39 – It is a linear barcode that is used for inventory tracking and other coding functions in production and different industries. Code 39 is a variable duration code. This code may be set at a period that suits the specific requirements of any form of application. Code 39 is an alphanumeric code which can encode digits zero through nine, upper case letters A via Z, and a few unique characters such as a dollar sign.

Code 128- This linear barcode utilized by the shipping and packaging industries. This code is designed to be very compact. It makes use of the least amount of area of all the one dimensional sorts of barcodes. Code 128 is best for squeezing plenty of information onto a delivery label. It is used for alphanumeric or numeric barcodes. It  make use of one hundred twenty eight ASCII characters.

PDF417- It is a two dimensional barcode that is a portable facts record which securely stores massive quantities of data. It can encode signatures, fingerprints, and photographs. Some states use PDF417 barcodes on their driving force licenses to encode names, addresses, driving records, and driver photographs. Airline tickets and some packages as well uses this barcode.

Data matrix – It’s 2D barcode that arranges black and white modules in a square or rectangle. Data matrix codes are used to mark small objects which are too small for one dimensional barcodes. This code can be study with a cellular phone.

Aztec code- This two dimensional barcode is utilized in a bulls eye pattern on a square grid. This code is used by airline industry for electronic boarding passes. It is also used on some railway tickets. Japan has started out the usage of an Aztec code stamp to mark the passports of foreigners who go to Japan.