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75Watt/12V Mono Perc Solar Panel

75 Watt Output Power Capacity, Operating Voltage: 12V , for home lighting, mobile and laptop charging, solar street, 36 Number of Cells

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Panel Type: Mono Perc
Operating Voltage: 12V
Output Power: 75 Watts
Panel Dimensions: 775mm x 665mm x 35 mm
Number of cell: 36
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75Watt/12V Mono Perc Solar Panels are best for Home Lighting Systems, Mobile & laptop charging, solar street, and garden lighting, Caravans, Camping & Solar fencing. Shows excellent performance even in low light and cloudy weather. AR-coated glass improves light absorption. The frame is made of silver anodized aluminum, which adds strength and durability. For increased module efficiency, an IP 67-rated junction box is provided with an MC4-compatible cable connector. Pre-drilled holes in the back of the aluminum frame allow for simple and quick installation. It is preferable to use a 12-volt inverter and 12-volt battery setup. No maintenance is required; it simply needs to be kept dust-free for maximum power output.
Panel Type Mono Perc
Operating Voltage 12V
Output Power 75 Watts
Panel Dimensions 775mm x 665mm x 35 mm
Number of cell 36
voltage at max power (Vmp) 20.0 volts
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