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400W/24V Flexible Thin Film Solar Panel

Truly Bendable Solar Panel Made of Thin-Film Solar Cell, CIGS Material, suitable for Marine Yacht RV Vehicle Curved Surfaces

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Material: CIGS
Flexible: 360 degree flexible
Size: 1665mm x 646mm
Thickness: 2mm
Maximum Power: 400W
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CIGS(Copper indium gallium selenide) Material thin film solar panel are more flexible, stable, durable, light-sensitive, and last much longer. CIGS Flexible Solar Panel is 70% lighter and 95% thinner and more stable and durable than the monocrystalline solar panel, it will gather more energy in low-light conditions.Suitable for installation in ships, boats, cabins, trucks, travel roofs and other harsh environments. 

Material CIGS
Flexible 360 degree flexible
Size 1665mm x 646mm
Thickness 2mm
Maximum Power 400W
Maximum Voltage 24V
Attributes Flexible, Waterproof, Lightweight, Weatherproof
Installation Type boats, cabins, tents, Marine Yacht RV Vehicle
Country Origin Made in India
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