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350 Watt/ 24V AC Solar Panel

High efficiency AC solar panel, 350 Watt Output power capacity, operating voltage: 24 volts, suitable for install solar systems for home or office

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Number of cells: 72 Cells
Type of Solar Panel: Mono Crystalline
Installation Method: Rooftop
Operating Voltage: 24V
Output power capacity: 350 Watt
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Ac Solar Panels can run home appliances such as Fan, Television, Refrigerator, Air-cooler, Air Conditioner during the day directly from solar without Inverters, Batteries. These panels are used to make every home solar powered in Metro city, big towns, Capital cities without hassles.

Number of cells 72 Cells
Type of Solar Panel Mono Crystalline
Installation Method Rooftop
Operating Voltage 24V
Output power capacity 350 Watt
Panel Size 1580mm x 808mm
Thickness 40mm
Solar cell 125*125mm
Junction Box IP65 Waterproof
Frame Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Connector MC4 Compatible Connector

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