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24Volt 30Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller

24 Volt 30 Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller, Battery Dual USB LCD Display Regulator for Solar Home Use PV System

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Nominal Battery Voltage: 24 Volt
Maximum Output Current: 30Amp
Maximum Input Power: 360Watt
Charge Controller Type: PWM
Dimensions: 134mm x 70mm x 30 mm
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PWM Digital Solar Charge Controller has some advanced features like built-in short or circuit protection, reverse voltage protection, overload protection, etc which makes it ideal for grid power systems. This charge controller for the lead-acid batteries connected to a solar power system. When connected to the battery, it automatically detects the battery voltage from 12V-24V.
Nominal Battery Voltage 24 Volt
Maximum Output Current 30Amp
Maximum Input Power 360Watt
Charge Controller Type PWM
Dimensions 134mm x 70mm x 30 mm
Work Time (h) 24H
Application Charger Controller, Solar Working Station
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