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12V 6AMP PWM Solar Charge Controller

12 V Operating Voltage, 75 W Power, Solar Charge Controller, for DC Home Lighting System or Off grid Solar System.

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Nominal Battery Voltage: 12v
Maximum Output Current: 6A
Maximum Input Power: 75W
Usage/Application: Solar System Controller
Charge Controller Type: PWM
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The 12V 6A PWM Solar Charge Controller is an excellent method to keep your solar panels fully charged and ready to use. This controller includes a built-in solar panel that collects and stores solar energy, allowing you to use it even when there is no sunlight. This charge controller is ideal for use with larger solar panel systems because it has a maximum solar panel rating of 75 watts. Are you looking for a solar charge controller that can provide you with long-term performance? Encstore will help you choose the right one for your needs.
Nominal Battery Voltage 12v
Maximum Output Current 6A
Maximum Input Power 75W
Usage/Application Solar System Controller
Charge Controller Type PWM
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