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100W/12V Bifacial Flexible Solar Panel

Lightweight and Portable, High Efficiency, 100W Output Power Capacity, Flexible Solar Panel suitable for installation in ships, cabins, travel roofs

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Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
Connector: MC4
Output Power: 100W
Voltage: 12V
Attributes: Corrosion resistant, Portable, WeatherProod
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Bifacial Flexible Solar Panel is new and unique solar panel in the solar industry. They are made up of monocrystalline bifacial solar cells which can generate power from both sides (front and back) can even generate almost the same power, quite different from conventional solar panels which generate power only from the front side of the panel. These Panel are lightweight and portable and you can easily take it anywhere, suitable for outdoor activity, camping etc.

Material Monocrystalline Silicon
Connector MC4
Output Power 100W
Voltage 12V
Attributes Corrosion resistant, Portable, WeatherProod
Bend Angle 360 degree bend angle
Installation Rooftop
Usage ships, boats, cabins, travel roofs
Country Origin Made in India

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